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Can Florence save her pet? The Laughing Lady is brimming with full-color illustrations and features original music written and recorded in New Orleans. Eric Bookhardt, Gambit Weekly. The animals, flowers and insects are almost all Quarter denizens: a frog in his courtyard lily pond, a rat in the stone riprap on the levee, a roach in the kitchen of a restaurant. A few Fables tell stories of exotic animals like a seal or a hippo in far-off lands. But all were written in the French Quarter and inspired by its singular, suggestive atmosphere.

Fables are one of the most ancient ways of talking about life. French Quarter Fables show how fresh, original, and entertaining they still can be. Gambit Weekly Review. Pelican Bomb Review. French Quarter Fables sold like hot cakes. So, there was nothing to do, but issue a second volume. A costume is a sort of visual riddle — especially on Mardi Gras, when the imagination runs wild. But these cards are not for predicting the future — they are for having fun now!

The Riddles of Existence are an oversized deck of cards, each with a figure wearing a costume. Beneath the illustration, there is a riddle in verse.

Call of the Wild by Jack London, Hardcover, First Edition

The costume is the answer, or a hint at the answer of the riddle. Written and Illustrated by Dalt Wonk Boxed set of fifty-three, 5. Luna Press, Antigravity Review. It is a great novel that can be appreciated by readers of all ages, as well as a philosophical book that provides an action-packed adventure. Oddest of all, it is an experimental novel half of the characters are canine, including the hero that is a thrilling pleasure to read.

41 Classics Illustrated 15 The Call of the Wild Classics Illustrated Graphic Novels

No wonder this American novel has never lacked readers—both here and abroad. Late one night in , a poor farm-worker steals Buck from his comfortable Northern California home and sells him as a sled dog.

He courageously survives brutal cruelty from humans and the wilderness, and he becomes the leader of his dogsled team. He endures hunger and fatigue, learns to scavenge for food, and fights with a rival dog.

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Ultimately, Buck struggles between his love for his last master, John Thornton, and his desire to answer the mysterious call of his ancestors. Drawing from Egerton R. It first appeared in summer as a serialized work in the Saturday Evening Post. Time and again These dog-heroes of mine were not directed by abstract reasoning, but by instinct, sensation, and emotion, and by simple reasoning.

Stolen from his California home to labor as a sled dog in the Klondike, Buck quickly learns to survive and triumph.

the illustrators of The Wind in the Willows | Tattered but still lovely | LibraryThing

Spitz This well-traveled animal—a big white dog from Spitzbergen, Norway—is a practiced fighter who hates Buck. Despite his greater experience, Spitz meets his match when Buck challenges his leadership in a fight to the death. Dave The greatest desire of this gloomy, morose dog is to be left alone. Although he sleeps at every possible moment, he surprises Buck when they are first harnessed as a team: Dave loves his work and becomes a fair, wise teacher.

Like Dave, Sol-leks wants to be left alone, loves his work, and quickly teaches Buck the best ways to work as a team. Manuel This underpaid worker cannot support his wife and children.

Among the Wild Things

Motivated by easy money, he steals Buck one evening and sells him as a sled dog during the Klondike Gold Rush. They are never cruel to their dogs, and Buck grows to respect their kind severity. Master and dog save each other repeatedly.

The Call of the Wild

When Flora refused to have an abortion, the probable father—William H. Chaney—deserted her. Her depression was so severe that she attempted suicide twice in two days. Eight months later, Flora married John London, a widower with two daughters. John London gave his adopted son his surname and his love, and Jack spent his young boyhood on California ranches.

His formal education stopped after grammar school, and his career among the working-class poor began. During his teen years, some of his jobs included newspaper boy, factory worker, oyster pirate, seal hunter, coal stoker, and sailor in Japan. In , while tramping across America and Canada, London was imprisoned for vagrancy in an appalling New York penitentiary—an experience that helped make him a Socialist.

These events also ignited his desire for education, so the year-old enrolled as a freshman at Oakland High School while working as a janitor there. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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    Including all 31 illustrations by Frank Wiles from the Strand serial. Henry James The Turn of the Screw. James Joyce Dubliners. Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Books. Includes more than 30 illustrations by Philip R. The Raven. Mary Shelley Frankenstein. Illustrated by Lynd Ward and including both the original and revised texts. Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island.