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We use the term The Great Life Force because it contains no religious identification. It is simply that there is One Reality, that we are all part of 'it' existence , and that this Force penetrates all of matter. The Implicate has all that there is, enfolded within itself, and the Explicate Reality is what unfolds —this is the creative aspect, that we call life. The pole or axis qutub is symbolized by the governing, centrally-placed core that we call integrity , and the spiral that unfolds is represented by the symbol of the snake.

To help us surrender we have introduced a hierarchical neurological descending process to aid in the physical act of surrender. Submission infers a prostration, a complete acknowledgement of a Higher Reality and that the person is completely submitted to the Greater Will. We submit through a noble ideal. Surrender or Mindfulness is about having an open, wide, clear, non-busy mind.

Our monkey mind —the chatter—is let go, surrendered. I only had one speech early in the month and no opportunities since. I expected a bumper month with at least three speeches. It has been my second highest month in book sales, second only to my launch month.

When you earn income for yourself, a quiet month is not a good thing. It can be alarming and I did panic at first. I used the time to meditate and to get admin done. I like to draw cards daily to see what messages might be available. I consistently get the message to just let life unfold as it should without trying to force it.

If you operate without faith, you tend to be dominated by your mind and you can get yourself into a downward spiral of worry and doubt.

Twin Flame Separation ~ Surrender to the Silence!!! URGENT Message!

There are times to just surrender and to go with the flow. I decided to do just that, to let go and to trust the messages. This holiday we have made candles, slime, mosaic and mandalas.

The Surrender of Silence

We have baked, laughed and connected with each other. Earning money is important but I think these experiences have been even more important. I needed an outlet for untethered, unhinged creative expression as an artist, singer, musician, writer, composer, performer, producer, storyteller, and now filmmaker.

Music definitely provided the platform and satisfies all the creative dimensions I wanted to share.

Bestselling Series

Of your famous clientele, who would you most like to collaborate with? It's very tough to choose as they are all incredible.

Surrender To The Silence - God's Faithful Promise

But if there has to be only one, I would choose Beyonce. She is a huge inspiration and I admire her power to make everyone feel amazing. Are there any genres of music you would like to try or avoid? I am game for anything and everything. I don't necessarily think in genres, but in levels for craftsmanship and artistry.

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I avoid any sort of exceedingly commercial pop or anything that easily comes across as a desperate crowd-pleaser. I view music as my highest level of artistry. I never want to be controlled by anything outside of what I truly believe in. What is currently on your playlist?