Manual Sound and Fury: Dahlgren at Fredericksburg 9 Nov 1862

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A brilliant dinner at the Pollards's.

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Barnwell 1 took me down. Came home and found the Judge and Governor Moore waiting to go with me to the Bibbs's.

And they say it is dull in Montgomery! Clayton, fresh from Washington, was at the party and told us "there was to be peace. February 28th. She told me she was a successful writer in the magazines of the day, but when I found she used "incredible" for "incredulous," I said not a word in defense of my native land. I left her "incredible. Then she gracefully reversed her engine, and took the other tack, sounding our praise, but I left her incredible and I remained incredulous, too. Brewster says the war specks are growing in size. Nobody at the North, or in Virginia, believes we are in earnest.

They think we are sulking and that Jeff Davis and Stephens 2 are getting up a very pretty little comedy. The 1. In , after the passage of the Ordinance of Secession, he was one of the Commissioners who went to Washington to treat with the National Government for its property within the State. He was a member of the Convention at Montgomery and gave the casting vote which made Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy.

Alexander H. Stephens, the eminent statesman of Georgia, who before the war had been conspicuous in all the political movements of his time and in became Vice-President of the Confederacy. After the war he again became conspicuous in Congress and wrote a history entitled "The War between the States. Chesnut persuaded the Judge to forego his private wrong for the public good, and so he voted for him, but now his old grudge has come back with an increased venomousness. What a pity to bring the spites of the old Union into this new one! It seems to me already men are willing to risk an injury to our cause, if they may in so doing hurt Jeff Davis.

March 1st.

Dahlgren, Ulric 1842-1864

Hill 1 from Georgia, and his wife. After he left us she told me he was the celebrated individual who, for Christian scruples, refused to fight a duel with Stephens. Ignoramus that I am, I had not heard of it. I am having all kinds of experiences. Drove to-day with a lady who fervently wished her husband would go down to Pensacola and be shot. I was dumb with amazement, of course.

Telling my story to one who knew the parties, was informed, "Don't you know he beats her?

The Irish Brigade in Fredericksburg-1862

Brewster says Lincoln passed through Baltimore disguised, and at night, and that he did well, for just now Baltimore is dangerous ground. He says that he hears from all quarters that the vulgarity of Lincoln, his wife, and his son is beyond credence, a thing you must see before you can believe it. Senator Stephen A. Douglas told Mr. Chesnut that "Lincoln is awfully clever, and that he had found him a heavy handful. Went to pay my respects to Mrs. Jefferson Davis. She met me with open arms.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862, by Adam Gurowski

We did not allude to anything by which we are surrounded. We eschewed politics and our changed relations. March 3d.

They have one and all spoken in the Congress 1 to their own perfect satisfaction. To my amazement the Judge took me aside, and, after delivering a panegyric upon himself but here, later, comes in the amazement , he praised my husband to the skies, and said he was the fittest man of all for a foreign mission. Aye; and the farther away they send us from this Congress the better I will like it. Saw Jere Clemens and Nick Davis, social curiosities.

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The Georges are of opinion that it is folly to try to take back Fort Sumter from Anderson and the United States; that is, before we are ready. They saw in Charleston the devoted band prepared for the sacrifice; I mean, ready to run their heads against a stone wall. Dare devils they are. They have dash and courage enough, but science only could take that fort. They shook their heads. March 4th. Stephens Vice-President of the Confederacy. The Congress continued to meet in Montgomery until its removal to Richmond, in July, Page 13 measures. Glory be to God as my Irish Margaret used to preface every remark, both great and small.

At last, according to his wish, I was able to introduce Mr. Hill, of Georgia, to Mr.

American Civil War

Mallory, 1 and also Governor Moore and Brewster, the latter the only man without a title of some sort that I know in this democratic subdivided republic. I have seen a negro woman sold on the block at auction.

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She overtopped the crowd. I was walking and felt faint, seasick. The creature looked so like my good little Nancy, a bright mulatto with a pleasant face. She was magnificently gotten up in silks and satins. She seemed delighted with it all, sometimes ogling the bidders, sometimes looking quiet, coy, and modest, but her mouth never relaxed from its expanded grin of excitement. I dare say the poor thing knew who would buy her. I sat down on a stool in a shop and disciplined my wild thoughts. I tried it Sterne fashion. You know how women sell themselves and are sold in marriage from queens downward, eh?

You know what the Bible says about slavery and marriage; poor women! Sterne, with his starling - what did he know? He only thought, he did not feel. In Evan Harrington I read: "Like a true English female, she believed in her own inflexible virtue, but never trusted her husband out of sight. The New York Herald says: "Lincoln's carriage is not bomb-proof; so he does not drive out. The sticks are to break our heads with.