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Reclaiming Rivers from Homogenization: Meandering and Riverspheres. Land Grabbing and Violence Against Environmentalists. Angelina Paredes-Castellanos, Ricardo Rozzi. Martin A. Dimarco, Daniel Simberloff. Ramiro D.

Crego, Ricardo Rozzi, Jaime E. Rafael A. Zenni, Martin A. Biotic Homogenization of the South American Cerrado. Daijiang Li, Julie L. Lockwood, Benjamin Baiser. Alexandrea Dagmar Safiq, Julie L. Lockwood, Jeffrey A. Biocultural Conservation and Biocultural Ethics.

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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction To assess the social processes of globalization that are changing the way in which we co-inhabit the world today, this book invites the reader to essay the diversity of worldviews, with the diversity of ways to sustainably co-inhabit the planet. With a biocultural perspective that highlights planetary ecological and cultural heterogeneity, this book explores three interrelated terms. First 1 , biocultural homogenization, a global, but little perceived, driver of biological and cultural diversity loss that frequently entail social and environmental injustices….

Naturalists at Large: Environmental Science

PreK Where do clouds come from? What is a "low pressure" system, and why does it sometimes mean a rainy day? What causes lightning? Experiment with the forces behind our changeable weather. Create a forecast to present on camera in the Weather Studio. Grades K Operate gates and valves to raise or lower the water level as you pilot a model tugboat through a series of locks as students learn the engineering and history behind how the Erie Canal helped fuel the economic growth of the nation.

PreK Travel back into deep time! Discover how earthquakes and volcanoes have helped change the land and seas, resulting in adaptation or extinction.

PreK Green infrastructure is a cost-effective, sustainable approach to reducing stormwater runoff pollution while delivering environmental, social, and economic benefits. PreK Imagine and discover a world you can't see! Hands-on components present the basics of nanoscience and engineering, introduce some real-world applications, and explore the societal and ethical implications of this new technology.

K Engage with more than 15 interactive stations that demonstrate exciting scientific concepts from reflection and refraction to radio waves to color temperature. Crank, spin, and illuminate to make light bend, sound emanate, and shadows dance. It also highlights the careers necessary to complete the project from start to finish. Grades K Exercise student's mathematical and creative-thinking muscles as they engineer structures of their own design using thousands of these amazingly balanced wooden KEVA planks.

Grades Explore the ways in which individuals and societies express themselves to the world around them through clothing, pottery, and other distinctive totemic emblems. PreK Immerse yourselves in re-created environments, first-person accounts, and hands-on experiences of the period leading up to the Civil War. Use primary documents to discover how Rochesterians fought against slavery.

1st Edition

Grades K Discover stories of exemplary Rochester leaders who have made outstanding, enduring contributions to business and community in the Greater Rochester region. Immerse yourselves in 19th century Rochester - its shops and homes and how families lived in their community differently then from now. Compare and contrast the past material culture of these various groups of Native Americans living across North America. Grades Discover the rich culture-past and present - of the Haudenosaunee hoe-dee-no-SHOW-nee people, more commonly known as the Iroquois Confederacy.

Grades How did the arrival of Europeans impact the Haudenosaunee culture? Using hands-on props and role-play, students will actively explore what goods and materials were exchanged, the greater impacts of beaver fur trade and the post-contact challenges it presented to both the Haudenosaunee and European communities. Grades Follow the North Star on a journey from slavery, to the doors of abolitionists, and on to freedom during this Underground Railroad Immersion Experience in our Flight to Freedom exhibition.

This tour focuses on the decisions and risks taken along the way.

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Grades Get hands on with rocks, minerals and fossil and discover the Earth Systems that shaped our local geology. Grades PreK-5 Beavers, bears and birds, oh my! Structure follows function as students explore the adaptations that abound in the animal kingdom! Grades Simple Machines to the rescue! Grades Develop a system using solar and wind energy to light up a city on a Martian landscape, even when the sun is blocked by dust storms!

Grades Immerse your students into an engaging experience utilizing 3-D data visualization. Observe the hydrologic cycle in action on our 5 ft. Discover the complex interactions and movement of air masses on our 5 ft. Examine earthquakes, volcanoes and seafloor structures to evaluate the theory of past plate motions.

PreK Our coolest demonstrations, literally! This program explores temperature's effect on solids, liquids and gasses using liquid nitrogen. PreK The formula "Force over Area" is brought to life with this program about the pressure all around us and what happens when it's not. Grades An exciting range of demonstrations displays many of the properties of Hydrogen, the number one most common element in the universe. Grades Two six foot tall Tesla Coils throwing 8 foot arcs of plasma lightning and the arcs actually play music.

CPO Science Texas Science Grade 7

Our Faraday Cage can make the day of many in attendance electrifying! PreK Explore science in a less structured setting as you learn and play in the unique Carlson Inquiry Room. Meet our live animals and investigate magnetism. Learn about states of matter as you experiment with vinegar and baking soda and make your own slime to take home.

Grades K-5 Explore the wonder of butterfly metamorphosis. Grades K-3 Learn about magnetic fields and experiment with materials that are magnetic. Explore attraction and repulsion.

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Make magnets float. Sort rocks into three groups and learn about the minerals that make up rocks. Grades K-5 Explore simple machines while experimenting with pulley systems and ramps. Learn about friction, gravity and inertia while investigating the forces of motion. Grades K-5 Explore the states of matter by comparing and contrasting solids, liquids and gases.

Do hands-on experiments about liquid density and chemical reaction. Learn about polymers and make slime to take home. Grades 4 Immerse your students in the vibrant art and culture of today's Haudenosaunee Iroquois.

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  5. Celebrate Haudenosaunee culture—past and present. Travel to the moon, returning just in time for sunrise. Grades Surrounded by the best images from recent space missions such as the New Horizons Pluto flyby projected at giant scale, students encounter the majesty, mystery and wonder of our solar system. Grades Collect data from field, forest and pond communities to gain insight into communities, succession, food webs, and population dynamics.

    Grades This field study examines the features of clean water. Students will collect usable data on a Cumming Nature Center creek by collecting benthic macroinverebrates, performing chemical tests, measuring physical characteristics of one of the healthiest creeks in the region. PreK-5 Discover the beauty and complexity of the natural world through activities that engage all the senses.

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    Grades Explore the complexity and biodiversity of the natural world through observation and data collection using field journals. Grades K-6 This is a fun and dirty adventure that explores the amazing adaptations, lifecycle, and habit of the native frogs in our region. Grades January through February, examine how plants and animals adapt to winter.

    Hunt for tracks and other evidence of animal activity. Grades K From the Haudenosaunee to the American pioneers, and on to modern day methods, the time-honored tradition of making maple syrup blends both history and ecology. Grades Explore the woods to discover how all living things are connected through food chains and the relationships between consumers, producers and decomposers.

    PreK Explore how and why we see colors in this fun, interactive show. Experiment with color mixing and learn about the different kinds of primary colors.