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A passing score of 70 percent or better on a postal exam will place the applicant's name on an eligible register for that job vacancy and you can use the same test and application information to apply for multiple jobs. To improve your postal exam score and for complete information on this process pick up a copy of the 7th edition of Post Office Jobs.

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Vacancies in these positions — generally professional and administrative — are announced advertised first within the Postal Service. Postal employees who have the knowledge, education, credentials, and skills may apply for these openings. Few postal clerks and non professional employees will have law degrees, engineering credentials, or doctorates for example.

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These post office jobs will generally be advertised in local papers and on the USPS web site. You can also call the local CSSD office's Human Resource Department to check on the status of your application or to follow up on interviews. You will be rated on a point system maximum of points even without a written test. Therefore, your resume and Application For Employment PS Form must be thoroughly completed and include all key information such as degrees, training, credentials, and detailed work experience.

Only the top three candidates will generally be referred to the selecting official for consideration. Also, explore and apply for all job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment. Post office job applicants seeking entry level professional and administrative positions can apply for mail handling positions and take the Battery Exam to get their foot in the door.

Part A of the exam will test your address checking skills by presenting you with 60 multiple choice questions in 11 minutes. The addresses on both lists are always presented as a pair with an address and a ZIP code.

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No Errors B. Address Only C. Scoring Your score in Part A is the number of questions answered correctly minus one-third of the questions you answer incorrectly. The key here is that in Part A, you are penalized for incorrect answers. Your overall strategy is to work as quickly as possible but be accurate.

Things to know BEFORE applying to the USPS - tips and advice to get the job!

Part B of the exam will test your ability to understand various postal forms. You will be shown 5 different forms and asked 6 multiple choice questions on each form, for a total of 30 questions.

You will have a total of 15 minutes to answer all the questions. Your score in Part B is simply the number of items that you answer correctly.

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There is NO penalty for guessing. Your overall strategy is to make sure you work quickly and answer every question even if you have to guess.

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Remember, the postal Exam is a specialized test administered by the USPS to evaluate skills relating to particular positions. It is not a true aptitude test. Did you know you need 70 or above to pass the postal service exam ? Furthermore, if you fail the test, you will need to wait 4 additional months before you can retake the exam and while a passing score is 70 or above, the USPS ranks applicants based on their score.

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This means someone who scores a 90 will be placed ahead of someone who scored For these reasons, it is essential to prepare and know what to expect before taking the exam. This section of the exam assesses your ability to identify whether two addresses are the same. In each question, you will mark one of 4 choices:. Note: On the real test, you will have only 11 minutes to complete 60 questions. Thus, this section secretly tests your accuracy along with your speed. This section in the exam tests your ability to identify information needed to complete forms similar to those used by the Postal Service, along with your ability to identify information to correctly completing forms.

Examine the form below and answer the questions that follow. In the real test, you will only have 15 minutes to answer 30 questions, corresponding to five to seven forms. Question 1: Where can the customer find the signature of the person who received the package? In the coding and memory category of the test, you will be given 36 items to identify and assign the correct code to each one.

source site During the first section, you will be allowed to use a coding guide. However, the second, the coding guide is not available. While technically it is a simple task; you will be given six minutes to complete 36 questions in each part of the test. The last section measures your performance as a US Postal Service employee. You will be tested on honest and straightforward responses. Note: Distorted or inaccurate self-depictions responses result in a lower grade. Go to the USPS official website and create an account.