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Hanover, : new eds.

Pitra, J. Analecta Sacra et Classica 6 vols. Sathas, Konstantine. Various Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae , Bonn: , editions of Byzantine Historians A large number of Byzantine historiographical texts were first edited and printed in the 16th and 17th centuries. For the most part these were re-edited and published at amazing speed by a series of German scholars Bekker, de Boor, etc.

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All the texts are accompanied by Latin translations, generally of a higher quality than those in Migne. Various Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae , Berlin: , reeditions of old "Bonn Corpus" For the past few decades a consortium of academic publishers in Washington DC, Berlin, Athens, Brussels, and elsewhere have been co-operating in a an effort to re-edit, to a much higher critical standard, the corpus of Byzantine historiography - this has inlcuded histories, chronicles, military and diplomatic manuals and collections of letters.

Poetry and its Contexts in Eleventh-century Byzantium: 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge

Editions may or may not be accompanied by a translation into English, French, German or Italian. In a number of cases where CFHB has not published a translation, the new editors have done so through other sources. Cobham, C. Doblhofer, Ernst ed. Byzantinische Diplomaten und ostliche Barbaren; aus den Excerpta de legationibus des Konstantinos Porphyrogennetos ausgewahlte Abschnitte des Priskos und Menander Protektor ubersetzt, eingeleitet und erklart , Graz, Verlag Styria, , Byzantinische Geschichtsschreiber ; Vol. Heather, P. Peter J. Geanakoplos, Deno John Byzantium: Church.

Society and Civilization Seen through Contemporary Eyes , Chicago:University of Chicago Press, Probably the best collection in English, although many selections are somewhat short. Texts are arranged thematically. Gabler, Franz and G.

Byzantine Poetry in the ‘Long’ Twelfth Century (1081–1204): Texts and Contexts

Stokel Europa im XV. Gordon, C. Erganzungsband ; 1. Habelt, Series title: Papyri Graecae Haunienses ; fasc. Series title: Papyrologische Texte und Abhandlungen ; Bd. O'Faolin, Julia and Lauro Martines, eds.

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Samuel N. Sideras, Alexander. Various Sources chretiennes, Paris: New scholarly editions of classica Christian texts with French translations. In many cases these replace Migne. Here are 5 tables, arranged by lifetime of author, of the historiographical and chronographical traditions of Byzantine culture. Suggestions, etc. Heikel, Leipzig: ed.

An ecclesiastical history to the twentieth year of the reign of Constantine : being the th of the Christian era , trans. Parker, London : S. Bagster, English trans. Mcgiffert and Earnest C. Paris : Cerf, Series title: Sources chretiennes ; no 55 -church history to Eunapios of Sardis 5C. Excerpt de legationibus , ed. Cairns, c , 2 Vols.. Mendelssohn, Leipzig: critical ed.

Texte etabli et traduit , Paris, Les Belles Lettres, , 3 vols. Davis, English trans.

14.02.22, Bernard and Demoen, eds., Poetry and its Contexts in Eleventh-Century Byzantium

Buchanan and H. Davies San Antonio TX: Hiersemann, , Bibliothek der griechischen Literatur Bd. Farrar and Evans -Augustus, full from Diocletian. Sokrates Scholastikos c. Migne PG The ecclesiastical history of Socrates, surnamed Scholasticus, or the Advocate : comprising a history of the church in seven books, from the accession of Constantine, A. Bohn, reprinted several times Migne PG ed.

Histoire ecclesiastique , Greek text of the edition by J. Edward Walford, London : Bagster, Theodoret of Cyprus d. Parmentier, Leipzig: English trans. Bagster and Sons, Farrar and Evans Haury, Leipzig: ; rev. Wirth, 4 vols. Leipzig: Teubner series, English translation, Works 7 vols.

Atwater, New York: ; repr. With intro by A. Boark, Ann Arbor, Mi. Agathias of Myrina c. Historiarum Libri Quinque [intended to follow Prokopios] ed. Ecclesiastical History ed J. Bidez and L. A new translation from the Greek: with an account of the author and his writings , trans. Edward Wlaford, London, S.

Poetry and its Contexts in Eleventh-century Byzantium

Bagster and sons, , reissued London: H. Bohn, John of Epiphaneia C [a cousin of Evagrios]. Henry, Vol 2, Paris: , pp. Historia [survives in fragments] [Historikon syngramma.

The History of Menander the Guardsman , trans. Roger C. Theophylakt of Simokatta b. History [intended to follow Menander] ed. Wirth, Stuttgart: English trans. Teofilact simocata istorie bizantina : domnia imparatului mauricius , by H.