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Organizational Change: 8 Reasons Why People Resist Change

Resistance to change may be either overt or implicit. For example, employees may react to a change in policies with outright rejection and protests. They may even refrain from showing disapproval expressly, but they may do so implicitly by not accepting changes. Managers must understand these problems and help the employees adopt these changes smoothly.

Top 12 reasons why people resist change

In order to facilitate transitions and changes, managers must first be able to identify the exact reason for resistance. Such resistance to change is common in all organizations. The following are some common reasons for this:.

For example, when computers became common, accountants had to shift from accounting on paper to digital accounting. This naturally takes time to adapt to. Individuals often resist changes for reasons like fear of the unknown, less tolerance to change, dislike towards the management, etc. Individuals may be willing to change but will not due to peer pressure from the group they are members of. While change will almost always face resistance, it is certainly possible to overcome it.

Managers must strive to help their employees adjust to changes and facilitate new variations in functioning. Firstly, managers must be able to convince workers that the changes they are proposing are necessary. They should show how the workers and the organization itself will benefit from these changes. Secondly, the management can keep the following considerations in mind to implement changes smoothly:.

How to Deal With Resistance to Change

It is always a good idea to encourage the participation of employees when managers plan for changes. Since changes are meant for the employees, they must have a say in the planning process. Such participation will make them less likely to resist the implementation of changes. The management can organize small informal meetings or conferences with the employees for this.

Managers should explain all the relevant details of the proposed changes. Employees must be encouraged to offer their opinions as well. Suggested Videos.

Organizational Change - Features and reasons of Organizational change

Introduction to Concepts of Management and its Characteristics. No spam! It is difficult to find let even buy books in the third world. Though internet connectivity is erratic, we are able to get useful information for us students doing advanced degrees. Without your help it would be hell for us. Even though i work at the highest institution of learning in Zambia its difficult to get information. I would add some ideas: short time to performing change, skepticism about the need of change, peer pressure.

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