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These are all things you should be grateful for. Before you start worrying about a new car, a bigger house or a better job, take a moment to be grateful for the car, the house or the job you have now. In this life, it is important to have values that guide you. Unfortunately, many of us never take a moment to identify what our values are.

Values are your personal set of beliefs and ethical principles that guide your behavior and decisions.

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They help you determine what is important to you and help you determine between right and wrong. Asking yourself this question helps you to analyze what is important to you and what you stand for. Why are values important? Values provide you with a framework for making the right decisions even in cases where the decisions might result in conflict. They help you know who you are and are the basis on which you develop your opinions on important things. Values help you clear excess clutter from your life. They help you identify things that are important to you and allow you to let go of things that are not important.

Finally, having values increases your confidence and provides you with a stable foundation for your life. Once you know what you stand for in life, you are less likely to be swayed by the opinions of others. Human beings are social creatures, and the need to be accepted by others is a normal part of being human.

This explains why each of us feels the need to act according to societal expectations. However, sometimes this need to get accepted by others can become so great to the extent that it starts affecting our lives. Worrying too much about what others will think about you, your behavior, you decisions and so on and trying to do what everyone expects of you can hinder your ability to think for yourself and make your own decisions. Instead of making your decisions based on what you want for yourself, your decisions will be based on what you think others consider to be right.

Unfortunately, you can never truly predict what others will think of you, and therefore trying to please others is an exercise in futility. It is better to do make your own decisions without concerning yourself with what others will think of you. Asking yourself this question will help you determine if you are doing things because you think they are the right thing to do or because you are afraid of being judged.

Thinking about your own death is not a very pleasant exercise. However, death also has a way of helping us identify the most important things in our lives. The truth is that everyone will die, including you. What would you want people to say about you during your funeral?

6 Ways Successful People Stay Humble—While Still Taking Credit for Their Hard Work

Would you rather they talk about the expensive car you drove and your big mansion, or about how you made them feel? Would you want your children to talk about how great a dad you were, or how you they never saw you because you were always in the office? Asking yourself this question will make you realize that there is more to life than chasing material things. Building good relationships with people and having a great character is what will matter in the end.

People are going to remember you for how you made them feel, for living a life of love and kindness. No one will miss you once you are gone because you were the richest person in the family, or because you had a private jet. Asking yourself this question reminds you that you should not focus on pursuing success and riches at the expense of relationships and good character. This is a question that only few people contemplate, yet it can have a very profound impact on your life.

Many of us go through life timidly, with fear holding us back from going for what we truly want. You keep your feelings to yourself because you are afraid you will be rejected by your crush. You stay at a dead end job because you are afraid you will fail if you quit to start your business.

Ten Tips for Negotiating in 2020

What if you were not afraid? How much would you achieve? What exactly would you do if failure was not in the picture? Pondering on this question helps you to identify the things that truly matter to you. The answers to this question are the things you should step up and do. In most cases, the fears holding you back are usually irrational, and you can easily overcome them.

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If your fear is keeping you from moving from your home town, go ahead and do it. If your fear is keeping you from trying your hand at being a singer, go ahead and give it a try. Instead, you will regret the opportunities you missed due to fear. Do not let your fears hold you back.

Instead, face your fears and your life will become limitless. Imagine that today was your last day on earth. Would you spend it mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or watching useless programs on TV? Not likely. If there is a person you always had feelings for, you would probably go ahead and tell them. This means that today could very well be your last day on earth.

Why waste it doing useless things? Considering that this could be your last day will make you stop procrastinating on things that matter to you. If today was your last day on earth, I doubt that you would wake up and head over to the office.

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  • Instead, you would do something that you have always wanted to do. Instead, live your wildest life today, because today is the only moment that you are assured of. From when we were kids, we have been brainwashed by society that we need to follow the rules and live a certain way. That we need to fit in, keep our heads down and play it safe. However, following this path often leads to an average life. Sometimes, you need to go beyond the confines of tradition and stop playing it safe.

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    If someone tells you that something cannot be done, ask them why not. If someone says that you cannot achieve your dreams, ask yourself why not?

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    Instead, you should challenge the status quo and go for what others think is impossible. Like Jim Rohn once said, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. The circle of friends you keep around you influences your mindset, your behavior and your habits. Want to be successful? Hang out with successful people. I am required to give my current employer two weeks [or whatever is required] notice, but they may not enforce that requirement. Let me talk to them to see if I could start sooner.

    Be very careful when answering. Think about what you absolutely need and what you would like. It is very difficult later to go from telling an employer you can start in two days to asking for more time, like a week. Not a good start! It is much better and easier to initially ask for two weeks and adjust to a shorter time frame if the new employer requests or if you are able.

    If you signed an employment contract when you started your current job, hopefully you retained a copy that you can check. Or, research to discover any local government regulations or union rules that may apply to you and your job. Where you work, look and ask as carefully and subtly as possible about applicable policies or rules. If possible, ask former employees what rules or restrictions they encountered. Stay truthful, but don't share too much information. You should have many more options since you have no obligation to give a current employer appropriate notice. You may want to begin working immediately, so you can pay your bills. If you can afford it, a few days of real relaxation before you start your new job can be a wonderful catch-your-breath break. Be sure that the job offer is in writing on the corporate letterhead or from HR or the hiring manager's corporate email address including the agreed-upon:.