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The whole idea that our actions are determined ahead of time is more metaphysical than scientific, although some have claimed that quantum mechanics proves our decisions have already been made.

Exploring The Inevitability of Fate With Crime Thriller Author, Clare Mackintosh

But the idea of "fate," or "unshakeable prophecies," really belongs more in the realm of mythology and gods than in a story about a rational, observable universe. Like this guy:. What I really want to know is, why hasn't anybody made an animated gif of the Architect doing a funny dance, with all his hand gestures? So here's a list of the main types of SF stories about predestination, which I was always fated to write:. We're just following a program. That's what I think the Architect is saying at the end of Matrix: Reloaded.

Neo is just the latest "One," acting out a program that leads to the Matrix and Zion being rebooted so that another version of the same cycle can happen again. Every choice Neo makes is just part of his program, except that this time around Neo actually saves Zion instead of rebooting it. I think. Everything is ultimately predictable.

If you have enough data about the present, you can make iron-clad predictions about the future. The only reason we don't know the future is because we don't have the raw data on every single factor that will lead to future events. In the first season finale of Blake's 7 , the nearly omniscient computer Orac is able to make a dead-accurate prediction that a ship that looks like the Liberator but isn't will blow up.

Orac never predicts the future again, for some reason. In another episode, "Weapon," a mascara-wearing psycho-strategist, Carnell, can predict everyone's future actions completely — but his predictions fail because he's lacking a crucial piece of info.

Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman | Books | The Guardian

In Paycheck , Ben Affleck builds a machine that can absolutely predict the future. He uses it to witness his own fate before his memory gets wiped , and gives himself a bunch of tiny items that allow him to kill all suspense get out of every jam he gets into.

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Fact or Fiction? The Fate of the Witchfinder General

It was the first time I became aware of what creatures of habit we all are, but it was years later that I started thinking like a crime writer, and imagining what terrible things could happen as a result of such predictable routines. Crimes are so prevalent in fiction because they are so prevalent in life, and because they wreak so much havoc.

They are a natural catalyst for drama, and we are all instinctively drawn to drama—in life and in fiction. This is very different to most countries, and leads to a generally more positive relationship between the police and the public. Who knows?

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On a more general level, I think reading crime thrillers is rather like going on a rollercoaster ride. The adrenaline rush comes from the contrast between the terrifying bits, and the slower, more gentle, parts.

go here A good crime novel has a similar effect on a reader. The book opens with a woman travelling home from work on the London Underground.

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