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Or maybe even further back. Simpson…Indiana Jones? My point is that the heroes and role models of men are the spring boards to their success. They are the whip master of the conscience and a lifelong commitment. It works. First of all, try to even come up with a female role model. Give it some real thought. Sigourney Weaver from Alien?

And, as we all know, that part was written for a man. But he could summon no response to the wisecracking girl who saw through his bullshit. I think she was even approaching the point of letting it all go.

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Farrah and I came back to the apartment late one night after a concert. It was around 2am when we entered the apartment. He has a girl in there. I pulled her by the hand to my room. Once in my room, Farrah kept peeking out the door and listening at the wall. While I hated Arawn, Farrah seemed to live for his destruction. She viewed him the same as the barflies that she was forced to serve drinks, food, and listen to their awful lies.

Emily McElementor

She saw Arawn as that same bullshitter who would endlessly pitch lousy flirtations at her. While she could do nothing to the bar clients she was forced to smile at for tips, she could unleash all her pent rage on Arawn. She paced about the room, wearing my boxers and her sports bra. More than once she cupped her ear to the wall, eavesdropping.

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She continuously peeked out the door of the room, waiting like a predator. I laid on the bed drinking a beer, awaiting the inevitable. Like a lioness taking down a gazelle, Farrah raced out into the living room. I stood and hesitated. I heard the conversation unfolding. We met at a bar a few weeks ago. Oh my God! I hate you! Leave me the fuck alone!

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I stood between him and Farrah. Farrah got on the bed and began jumping up and down and said,. Hey, Arawn I got a poem for you. At that moment, the crack whore entered the bedroom behind Arawn.

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Her spandex one-piece suit pinched her fat rolls in a way that made them look like giant skin tags. She pointed at Farrah, crying and cursing. Sometimes, life is such a tragedy that all you can do is laugh.

Billie Gant - White Trash Crack Whore

I began laughing and could not stop. My guts hurt as I watched Farrah standing on the bed, jeering down at Arawn and the crack whore:. Oh girl, you are going to make some money now! Farrah swung the hammer of vengeance for all waitresses and bartenders everywhere. She was cruel, vicious, and beautiful.

I loved her. Arawn and his crack whore disappeared into his room as Farrah fell on the bed laughing hysterically. That was the end our roommate arrangement. In thirty days, he moved out to go live with the crack whore. In a few months, he got fired from work for being a no-show. Arawn would get arrested a few weeks later trying to rob the bar where Farrah worked. Luckily, Farrah was not there that night because Arawn tried to fight his way out when the bouncer caught him.

When Arawn got out on bail, he came by the company to collect some things he left there. I saw him and asked how he was doing. I felt the pain of internal frustration listening to him. Eric was just a nobody pretending to be somebody. Yes, dr. Answer the question. Were they so mentally deficient as to be a danger?

Did somebody get in their way? Not according to the law. You will not be able to find them or contact them, nor they you. How would that leave you feeling?

“Whitney Houston is a crack whore bitch” – Yolandi from Die Antwoord on the day Whitney died

Go there. Many of you need to.

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Feel it. I lost my son my only child to adoption. Many of us were never able to have more children. It is violence against women plain and simple. You are obvious in need of therapy…I am sad for my Biological family but they chose this for me and I am happy where I am — you are allowed your feelings of anger and bitterness…but I am happy — sorry. Anyone can be anonymous and be a bully…. While maybe many enlightened people do not feel that reliquishing moms are indeed all crackwhores, let us not be niave. All you have to do is go on any really public area, say an general media story about adoption and read the public statements.

Voluntary reliquishment is not saving children from anything really as it often is not necessary. What this shirt says is what I am not and what I am. I am not just a birthmother, I am not a crackwhore. I am a mother. If that makes someone think, great. If someone also want to wear the shirt, great. If you don;t feel that way and you do not need the message, great.

But there are MANY who do. No I am not greatful for adoption. I am happy that my son is happy, but I beleive he would have been just as happy and possibly more so, if not for adoption. Our loss was unneccessary. That someone else benefitted from my stupidity and the expliotation of my motherhood, is not something I will be grateful for. I do not resent, I do not hate his parents, I do not begrudge them what happines thay have had, nor what he has with them, nor am I really that angry.