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Wood , Boston MA - Lawyer. Show details.. Glenn Wood , Baltimore MD.

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Glenn G. More Public records Glenn Wood. Administrator at Seacoast Church.

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  • Cop Out - The End Of My Brilliant Career In The NZ Police (The Laughing Policeman Series Book 2).
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Professor at Winthrop University. Engineer at L-3 Communications. Business Development Platform between China and the West. Machinist at Global Systems. Glenn Wood - Kettering, OH. More Resumes More Professions. More Organization Records Glenn Harold Wood. Glenn Adam Wood.


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Glenn Edward Wood. Glenn E. Glenn Troy Wood. That goes for design, art, advertising, architecture, even politics and science. Shoe: Dondi White , Rammellzee , Dr. Rat , Keith Haring Shoe: These are exciting times. First there was the internet bubble that exploded, than we had the banking system that collapsed and now I feel that post modernist bullshit artists and their elitist galleries and museums are being taken at face value.

When I dropped out of school at 17 I tried graphic art school for a year. This is where I met Angel who would later become a good friend and partner in crime. Also, we were doing jobs for local coffee shops like Happy Family. Who needs an education when you have cash, right? Anyway, in I started my first company called 3D Design. We called ourselves commercial artists and besides the typical graffiti jobs we also did stuff like lettering for billboards and I did my first logo designs.

by Niels Shoe Meulman

The company stopped in because I had to do my military service. Can you believe they trained me as a dentist assistant? Which were the best moments and why? First in graffiti, then in graphic design and later in advertising. I always made more money when I was employed but I did my best work as an independent entrepreneur. But during the jobs I had, I also learned a lot about techniques and about the system, how to get things done. All these different periods had their moments supremes.

It was great to write a bill for At first, do everything, every project you can get your hands on. Flyers, posters, letterheads, whatever. And then, when you feel you are ready: specialize. Listen and observe.

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Most laws of graphic design and graffiti are universal laws. Balance, continuity, those kinds of things. In a way nature is our only reference. And on a more instrumental note: Graffiti artists have to let go of the idea that every space has to be filled and graphic designers should have more fun and do drugs. Graffiti is basically modern calligraphy. Well, with a different illegal medium that is. Maybe a tag can be compared with the Japanese character calligraphy and a masterpiece is more like the initials that medieval monks would draw with gold in books.

My first statement was: A word is an image. I think a letter in itself is nothing. The sequence of the letters and the meaning of the word can create a picture. For graffiti writers this goes without saying. In my book I drop a line about it: A word is a tight unit of matching characters, ready to be dropped behind enemy lines. I try to find the fine line between the two.

My words are pictures but if I use too many words, they become text. For sure! Peace of mind and a certain optimistic feeling are required. But when the circumstances are just right I can get in a some kind of trance a do many good pieces in one session. My favorite is black Edding ink or On The Run ink on polypropene film, which is some kind of half transparent plastic sheet. When I did my first Calligraffiti show in , I spent two months in a huge space -an old postal warehouse in Amsterdam- with all kinds of inks and types of paper.

Those ones came out the best. I also like Indian ink because of its intensity and glow. I also like to work on a small scale with a calligraphy pen with metallic tip. It all has to with the size of the work. I demonstrated all these in a video made by the masterly blog www. My frist shoe tags are dated The real bombing started in The Calligraffiti style was first shown in The first writers in Amsterdam were of the Punk variety. In the early Eighties graffiti writers like Ego, Dr. Air and Walking Joint were more of the hooligan type.

In we started to see New York style bombing and then the movement really took off. In school half the people of my class were writing their nick names on the toilet walls and in the streets. So, it was kind of obvious, really.

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I had met a few writers from New York that did paintings and had exhibitions in Amsterdam. Soon after I met Bando and Mode 2 in Paris. Calligraffiti is my way of translating the art of the street to the interior of museums, galleries and apartments. I have always been fascinated by Eastern and Arabic calligraphy and I took these aspects —together with my experience in design and communication— and merged them into a personal style. But seriously, I am -like everyone else- looking to get some basic things out of life, like attention and intimacy.

They saddest thing I can imagine is an unsuccessful artist. In a Peruvian jail.