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When did they stop boxing with life? In which round did they concede defeat? When did the sound of the bell make them sense the immutable?

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He estado toda una tarde estudiando las fotos. He acumulado tantas en mi vida— pero hay dos particularmente que me interesan. Esta es la familia de mi madre.

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De cuerpos esbeltos y sanos, los hombres con sus figuras de esgrimistas— siento nostalgia al mirar esta foto. Lounging in a beach chair I am moved by the meekness of the ocean, the distances it has traveled to unfold in frothing ringlets by my feet. At high tide, rippling iridescent serpents form under the aquamarine skin. In the warm glow of the setting sun, the images are serene, gentle, stripped of all haste— the hush of this supple silence makes me close my eyes, and the old white swan I saw yesterday in the twilight appears.

I see it crane its neck toward the sky opening its beak ever so briefly to puncture my heart with its desolate song. In the gathering darkness I hear the desperate fanning of its ruffled feathers as it sails toward the magenta shroud of its fate. En la pleamar, iridiscentes serpientes ondulantes se forman bajo la epidermis aguamarina. Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home.

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Why ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ Sound So Similar in So Many Languages

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A MI MADRE- ( to my mother )

Poems Find and share the perfect poems. El cielo encima de la casa de mi madre Es una noche de julio perfumada de gardenias. Jaime Manrique Mambo Skip to the original poem in Spanish translated by Edith Grossman Against a topaz sky and huge windows starry with delirious heartsease and sensual red cayenne; the sweet twilight breeze fragrant with almond and Indian orange; on the Moorish tiles, wearing their spike-heeled shoes, lowcut dresses and wide swirling skirts; their long obsidian hairdos in the style of the time; perfumed, olive-skinned, smiling, my aunts danced the mambo and sang: "Doctor, tomorrow, you can't pull my tooth even if I die of the pain.

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Follow Us. Find Poets. And it can either be a negative or positive remark. It all depends on context and clues. What bad luck—oh well, too bad!

Cachivaches is always said plural, never singular. No one says it that way. Tengo muchos cachivaches que necesito acomodar. In Ecuador chucha is a curse, so be careful when and how you say it. Literal meaning: A bun of bread , a special type of steamed roll. Spaniards say tinto when referring to a glass of red wine vino tinto , but Colombians are referring to something completely different.

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Colombians will say cuadremos when they want to organize, schedule a date, meet up with you, plan, coordinate, etc. This should be conjugated when used, according to the situation. This word is unisex. Colombians have kept it simply as pelota. Context is crucial, so be careful how you express this word outside of Colombia. Actually, keep it only in Colombia, because other Spanish speakers could get a little perverted on you. Si sales con el pelo mojado te vas a sentir maluca. Dicen que el agua salada es muy buena para la salud. They say that the salty water is very good for the health.

The difference between the previous example and this one is that bien is an adverb. This is worth tattooing somewhere in your brain:. Yo no soy un lagarto. I am not a lizard.

I like being in the water more than taking the sun. Make a list of the ser and estar sentences that you come across in your daily Spanish life and focus on the ones that fit above this line. When you feel like you totally grok those, you can start paying attention to the stuff below. Arguably the most confusing aspect of the ser — estar duality is the fact that every adjective has a regular day job with ser , but a bunch of them also have a completely different side hustle with estar :.